I love pizza, but man you order it from a shop and you just never know what is in it.  Just before my Daughter was born I worked for a place that made true Italian pizza.  Jack who owned a shop spent a year in Italy learning from a man who was known for his amazing pizza.

I quit after a few months as the work did not pay well, but I learned some great tips for making my own herb sensation dough.  If you’re not into spending an hour making your own dough then use a whole wheat pita!

This is one we tried the other night.

1 Pita bread, about 170 calories.

Green apple sliced thin, this is maybe 20 calories.

2 table spoons of pesto sauce 60 calories

2 table spoons black olives about 10 calories.

2 slices of turkey bacon (broke to small pieces) about 65 calories

Add 1/2 cup of shredded skim milk cheese, 80 calories

It comes to about 400 calories, My Wife and I will cut this in half and share, and this is a 200 calorie slice that we eat with a salad.  Whole meal is less than 300 calories.  Checking Pizza Pizza for instance, they have one called the bacon double cheese for 220 a slice.  This chain uses processed dough now, so you have all that salt to contend with to keep that processed dough fresh.

Pop this bad boy in the oven at 400 for about 10, make a nice fresh salad to go with it.


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