What To Say?

It is hard to come on here every day and type out thoughts on my training/eating/running.  I do not want to come on here and state I ran 7k, ate an apple or lifted weights.

I am constantly reading run reviews/training tips and ideals for healthy eating.  So I have decided to create a Junk Mile Run Facebook page to share what I gather through out the day!  I have other runners and health enthusiast who I follow and love all the information they share.

Some updates.

Since hernia operation there has been no pain other than the few weeks of healing.  I am back to my 6 days a week of running and weight lifting.

Paleo diet is going great, I have lost 10 of the 20 Lbs I am shooting for.  I should be at my goal of 165 Lbs by mid June.

I am running 7k every Monday then 5k’s on Wed and Fri, I find doing 7K all three days burns out my legs.

I had a front tooth missing for years that I finally had repaired.  Due to this expense and a few other things financially happening in my life I had to stay away from a few runs I wanted to do.  I have signed up with a group for the Run or Dye in August! It is not a timed event, you just run and have fun.  I even had a hat made with our team and what to do on the back when I run by 🙂


Looking forward to wearing this on run day, I went with white to show off all the glorious colours! When I get dusted!

You heard me...

You heard me…

And just in case people forget what to do with that dye in their hands.

Hopefully if things turn around I will be able to run the Army Run in Sept, I have my fingers crossed they do not sell out the run by next month.

Well I hope to see you at https://www.facebook.com/JunkMileRun

Junk Mile Run!!

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I Want A Spear!

After nine days cutting out 99.9% of non paleo food I feel fantastic.  I still use protein powder after my weights and after my runs I have a shake recipe I kind of tweaked with over a couple weeks.

My Shake:

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk.
  • 1 frozen banana.
  • 1 scoop of protein.
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract.
  • Then will switch up between cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

It comes out to about 275 calories, fills me up quickly as I only have a cup of black coffee and a banana before my run.  When I wake up I have a full schedule walking the dog, making sure my Daughter is out of bed as she can fall right back to sleep pretty quick. About an hour after I wake I take her to the bus then go for a run, the banana and coffee hold me over till I get back and does not make me feel pukey.  

I have to say the whole “you will be amazed” how you will feel after a week surprised me.  I really do have more energy, sleep better and tend to be much more mellow when things go wrong.

I have this desire to chase down a Woolly Mammoth with a spear to get lunch, mind you the whole killing an animal would haunt me; would not make a very good hunter.

Time to dieeeeeee celery!!

Time to dieeeeeee celery!!

My Wife has been awesome during this 40 day cleanse, she has been making meals I can eat, having plenty of foods I can eat at my finger tips.  My Wife and Daughter also eat my favourite foods like pizza, burgers hot dogs when I work weekends to help with the urges.

I did have a date night with my Wife on Friday, we went to Swish Chalet as it would be easiest selection wise.  I had white meat (chicken) and a salad hold the feta that came with it.  My Wife also gave me a few of her shrimp :).  I felt very good after dinner and we stopped for a coffee on our walk home.  She was surprised at my will power for ice cream as I love me some ice cream.

I have to say like my giving up soda pop for 30 days and then never going back to it, this will most likely become a lifestyle change I will keep as I just feel to damn good not to! 



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Walk Like A Caveman Part II

I am on the 4th day of the Paleo diet, wanted to give an update as I was in a mental state of weirdness!


The first day was meh, I was not hungry or whiny. My only complaint was that  at 11:00 when I got home from work I wanted a snack, I did not indulge just went to bed instead. On day two I was still pumped about my eating changes but, was starting to feel urges, a few other techs at work had Harvey’s burgers and all I could think was how good the bread looked!  Yesterday, my third day  was hell!  I had the shakes, I felt extremely thirsty and all my customers just got on my last nerve, even when they did nothing wrong, fatigue also. I managed to survive the night then went home to bed again. I also had a small bout of bathroom issues.

Today I feel much better, still have those anxious feeling like I am missing something (like when I quit smoking when Pup was born), other than that I feel much better today.

I did do some reading online and it turns out these symptoms are normal. Paleo side effects can be all or some of these symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of concentration
  • Weakness
  • Light-headedness
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Body aches
  • Cold sweats
  • Nausea
  • Cravings

I had 6 out of the 13 symptoms, today I have just 2 of the symptoms; cravings and irritability.

Will have more updates on this after my first 7 days is complete.


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Walk Like A Caveman.

I have decided to jump on the Paleo Diet wagon for a month! After reading what is entailed it does not seem like a bad or unsafe choice.  I want to get down to my 165 Lbs again and seem to be having trouble this time around, I just cannot seem to nibble something sweet and put it away till next week.

I tend to be anal about something when I do it, I either have to go fully cocked or not at all.  That’s how I quit smoking cold turkey, I came at it from an obsession point of view and it helps me. I am not saying I will never enjoy a baked treat or wolf down a Turkey burger on a bun ever again or a cold beer on a hot day, just not for the next 40 days.

My research on the Paloe diet has led to some interesting finds!  There seems to be two camps on what is Paleo and what is not Paleo, I am using Nerd Fitness’s ,  Paleo-Central to monitor what I eat, the app advises both the strict eating, and foods that are ehhh and others that you have to read the ingredients for sugar ect.



Some things will stay in my diet even though there not Paleo, my protein shakes will still be consumed 3 times a week after lifting weights and my almond milk is still going to be used.  I drink the 30 calorie almond milk as from what I have checked out ingredient wise seems OK, the 60 calories does have cane sugar juice in it.

I have dropped 2 lbs in a week since I started but, this most likely is water weight from the salt decline in my diet.   I will continue with updates on how I feel after each week.

My running has improved, finished my first 5k in about 9 weeks (since my surgery).  My first attempt last week left me feeling pukey for an hour after the run. I made it 3.88 Km then had to walk a bit before finishing the rest of my run.  Today I did the 5Km in 27: and change.  I can live with that!!


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Clean Bill of Health.

Finally, hernia surgery is 99.99 % better, flu has gone bye-bye and sinus infection has cleared up.  Happily started running again today.

Once again starting the couch to 5k over again as I do not want to trash my calves again.  My Android phone I was using for apps died, so with Fathers Day approaching going to ask for a replacement, will have to do some research to see what I will replace it with.  Ipod’s are constantly suggested to me but, there has to be something else out there Android preferably.

My run went good, I did the 60 sec running and 90 sec walking for about  3.5 km.  I made sure to do my dynamic stretching before running and my static stretching after my run.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some upper body and core weights.  I need to drop about 10 lbs I gained since surgery and the other 10 lbs I was working on before surgery.  This will be a cake walk, I mean I dropped 100 lbs to get to where I was before 🙂

The hernia feels great, I can feel numbness which surgeon advised can be around anywhere from a few months to the end of my days.  I can feel the healing ridge but it has gone down vastly.  I like running with out the hernia belt again but, have to wear my compression shorts for now as I have a bit of inner thigh rubbing, that should go away when I drop the extra weight.

My buddy MuddyJ gave some great advise, take this time to work on my form and worry less about speed.  I noticed today that I tend to land with more of my toes and there is a slight rotation to my foot when I land, this could go bad if I land on a rock or a bit of raised ground.  I spent this run training my feet to stay straight from pick up to landing.  Doing this I noticed something, my calves had no pain what so ever and I seen a much stronger form feet wise.

******Just heard what happened at the Boston Marathon!




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I realize I have been neglecting Junk Mile, not out of boredom or laziness.  Coming back from surgery really put be behind on feeling “happy”.  I am not sad but I am not fulfilled either?  I was able to run a few times but not work out.  Then I caught the flu and could not run or workout.

My diet has also gone down hill a bit, I started eating things I normally do not and of course this make me sluggish and always tired.  I was happy today when I did 10 push up and all I felt was a tingle and a light tightness.  This is a good sign that the healing process is almost complete.

So I am going to give myself a few more days to get the rest of the flu/cold out of my system but, in the mean time I am going to clean up my eating habit and at least get my strength back as in not being so sluggish and tired.

The snow is disappearing rapidly and running in short will be a go, unless Mother nature decides to go out like a Lion!  If this weather holds I need to fix my back tire  on my bike so I can start riding to work, that’s a good 14 km there and 14 km back, that should help with getting the blood pumping in the legs again.  My bike is a hunk of metal that weights too much but, for $1179.99 what do you expect 😉 .


So next weeks goals.

  • Start running again full-time.
  • Get my eating habits back under control.
  • fix my bikes back tire.
  • Start lifting weights again.

Well that is it for tonight, have a good night.




Get rid of this damn cold/flu!

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Thumbs Up.

I got the Thumbs up from the Doc to run and lift again! I have never been so freaking excited for something.  I am going to start running again this Sunday, My Wife feels I should try my first run post surgery on my day off, this way if there is pain I can lay down and not have to worry about going to work that night.

I am figuring to run in increments of 60 sec to start, then slowly add 60 seconds after each walk.  If I find no pain or twitches will open up and try a 5k.  I am hoping to run the June Britannia 5k and end my summer with a 10k.  My over all goal is to sign up for a 1/2 next February’s Winterman.

Sadly Ottawa does not offer much in obstacle/zombie/mud runs.  I do not drive so getting to Toronto and the outskirts would be an expensive option.  My Wife thinks joining a running group would be a great way to meet people who I could car pool with,  I might look into it as I know the Ottawa Running Club has coaches who will help improve my running techniques.

Well, will get back here and let you know how the run went.

Hernia is still tender and there is all these weird feelings down there like something serrated is being dragged across my inner groin area, Doc assures this is normal.  Coughing and sneezing also gives this weird pressure feeling.  Other then that I feel top notch.




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