This year I have decided to support the Movember cause.  I have lost Family members too cancer, my Mother being one.  She was 26 years old and when she was taken from us.  I also  had medical issues that had symptoms that you would see  with Prostate cancer, not going to lie it had me very nervous.  It got me to thinking  about the Men who are not lucky enough to be negative?

I have never supported a charity, even though I should seeing as cancer has taken so many loved ones from me.  I will change that this year by starting with Movember!  When I wake up tomorrow morning the beard goes away for a month and I work on the MO!!

This is my goal, if I can get at least $300.00 in donations for the Month of November I will keep the stach until I reach…

Just call me Rico………………..Suave!

My Wife and Daughter will not be thrilled 😉 but, what we must do for the cause!  I am adding a Paypal donate button for those who cannot get to me locally.

I will keep updates here at Junk Mile Run, Movember MoBro page and also Face Book and MoBro Richard

Thank you for supporting The Movember cause.


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