Favorite Running Gadget.

It used to be you wear something comfortable, shoes, hat and weather appropriate clothing.  You would run till you were tired, reached a landmark or goal.  They were more simple times back then.  Now a days we have special shoes, streamed line clothing, watches that measure distance, calories, pace.  These watches tell you when to drink/eat, show elevation.  I could go on all day what our watches alone can do.

Over time I found through trial and error what I liked and disliked.  Why I like one gadget and dislike others. I really only run with two gadgets now and one is also for safety/enjoyment.

The first is my Nike+  sports watch.  The watch looks neat in my opinion, is simple to use and setup.

nike plus watchWhen I was looking for a running watch I wanted something under $200, had a large screen and interface and would not require a huge learning curve.  I decided to look for reviews of watches in my price range, then read a review by one of my favourite gadget reviewers DC Rainmaker .  I find his reviews very in depth and he does not tend to be bias towards one product or the other.

I love my Nike+ sports watch. Mind you it is not perfect as I find the GPS slow to load some days and the tap light sometimes needs a smack instead.  After my run I just plug into my usb cord that was provided  and it loads my data to my personal page where I can track the basics.  Time, Distance, Calories is all there.  There is also a Nike community where you can add other runners to share your feelings on the run plus your run statistics.

My other gadget is just my smartphone, it is not an expensive one but, I am able to load my apps like Edmodo and Runtastic if I want more information like weather heart rate ect, it is there.  I do need to get the heart rate monitor for my Nike+ one day.


I would love to hear what is your favourite running gadget?


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