Clean Bill of Health.

Finally, hernia surgery is 99.99 % better, flu has gone bye-bye and sinus infection has cleared up.  Happily started running again today.

Once again starting the couch to 5k over again as I do not want to trash my calves again.  My Android phone I was using for apps died, so with Fathers Day approaching going to ask for a replacement, will have to do some research to see what I will replace it with.  Ipod’s are constantly suggested to me but, there has to be something else out there Android preferably.

My run went good, I did the 60 sec running and 90 sec walking for about  3.5 km.  I made sure to do my dynamic stretching before running and my static stretching after my run.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some upper body and core weights.  I need to drop about 10 lbs I gained since surgery and the other 10 lbs I was working on before surgery.  This will be a cake walk, I mean I dropped 100 lbs to get to where I was before 🙂

The hernia feels great, I can feel numbness which surgeon advised can be around anywhere from a few months to the end of my days.  I can feel the healing ridge but it has gone down vastly.  I like running with out the hernia belt again but, have to wear my compression shorts for now as I have a bit of inner thigh rubbing, that should go away when I drop the extra weight.

My buddy MuddyJ gave some great advise, take this time to work on my form and worry less about speed.  I noticed today that I tend to land with more of my toes and there is a slight rotation to my foot when I land, this could go bad if I land on a rock or a bit of raised ground.  I spent this run training my feet to stay straight from pick up to landing.  Doing this I noticed something, my calves had no pain what so ever and I seen a much stronger form feet wise.

******Just heard what happened at the Boston Marathon!




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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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