I realize I have been neglecting Junk Mile, not out of boredom or laziness.  Coming back from surgery really put be behind on feeling “happy”.  I am not sad but I am not fulfilled either?  I was able to run a few times but not work out.  Then I caught the flu and could not run or workout.

My diet has also gone down hill a bit, I started eating things I normally do not and of course this make me sluggish and always tired.  I was happy today when I did 10 push up and all I felt was a tingle and a light tightness.  This is a good sign that the healing process is almost complete.

So I am going to give myself a few more days to get the rest of the flu/cold out of my system but, in the mean time I am going to clean up my eating habit and at least get my strength back as in not being so sluggish and tired.

The snow is disappearing rapidly and running in short will be a go, unless Mother nature decides to go out like a Lion!  If this weather holds I need to fix my back tire  on my bike so I can start riding to work, that’s a good 14 km there and 14 km back, that should help with getting the blood pumping in the legs again.  My bike is a hunk of metal that weights too much but, for $1179.99 what do you expect 😉 .


So next weeks goals.

  • Start running again full-time.
  • Get my eating habits back under control.
  • fix my bikes back tire.
  • Start lifting weights again.

Well that is it for tonight, have a good night.




Get rid of this damn cold/flu!


About junkmile

It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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