So Much For That Plan.

Well running a daily update after my hernia surgery was a bust.  Between not be able to sit  at my desk for more than a couple of minutes and loopy from the pain pills it was hard to concentrate on my blog.  Week two I was more depressed being in a state where even walking for more than a few minutes hurt so, TV became my solace.  Lots of documentaries, Prison Break season one and reading books is what kept me awake.  With the pain killers run out and now out of my system I actually feel good today, little run down and tired but it is alert thoughts.


The surgery itself went great, between getting a half Brazilian and my last memory was making a joke about needing a drink while I was on the operating table, waking up feeling so hungry I could eat a horse with thirst like the Gobi Desert .  First off DO NOT take the muffin if offered, I thought for sure I was going to yak, might also be the liquid pain medicine that was pumped into me, then I was given Gravol  which put me out for another hour.   I was registered at 9am and finally went home around 4:30pm and slept a few more hours.  Two words for the next 3 days “Cotton Mouth”.

My next week was a bit of a blur, I was always thirsty so of course had to pee quite often, sleeping on the couch was the only place it did not hurt as I could lay at a semi sitting position. My Wife also kept the fridge stocked with prune juice as the pain pills would constipate me.  After 3 days the gauze covering the incision came off in the shower and by day 10 the tape fell off.  This is where I freaked a bit, there was no stitches.  It turns out they use a glue now a days to close where they cut you, being me I Googled everything I could once I was able to sit at my desk.  I felt better reading surgical glue has been used regularly since the early 90’s and has been around since the 40’s.

Very excited to get back to work this Sunday!  on March 22 the Surgeon will check me out and let me know when I can start to lift weights and run again.   The down side is I am at about 180 lbs from my 175 lbs before the surgery. Since I cannot work out to lose weight I have put myself on a Paleo diet for the next month so I can at least drop a few pounds before I get the go ahead to work out.  This also gives my mind something to do, my smart phone died so I am keeping a written journal of what I eat and measuring each food carefully.

If I can get the go ahead to run by end of March I would like to train for another 5K, I am thinking the Britannia Beach 5k on June 8th 2013.  I do not want to sign up for it till I know I will be able to do the run.

Will try to keep updates not so far apart now that I am feeling better.


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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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