Here in spirit!

I apologise for the lack of posting as of late.


I have not been busy or detained, just spending a lot of quality family time :).  My Wife and Daughter were on their Christmas vacations so I was spending lots of quality time with them!

With Christmas out-of-the-way I have been back on my 7 days a week of always doing some form of exercise.  Weights for an hour 3 days a week, running depending on the weather, 2 to 6 Km and I usually play my Wii games on Sundays.  I love the biggest loser challenge games or Red Steele II, there is something about sword fighting where you actually have to use the control as your sword handle.  I have had to have my Wife tell me to take a break as I lose track of time.

I did manage to pack a couple extra lbs over the holidays but, there gone and I am an extra lbs under then before the holidays.

Winter running has been very good, only had one day I could not run (freezing rain) and one day where I stopped at 2 km as it was very cold and the snow was deep and I kept miss judging my step and my back would get a good pull, twice my ankle bent, I managed to catch it before it twisted.

My Daughter starts junior high next year so of course we have been checking out the two options too see what school would best benefit her down the road.  The schools are French so I spend a lot of time having my Wife and Daughter translating the info too me, yea I really need to get on the learn French train.  I have heard Rosetta Stone is very good.

36 more days till my first 5K running event, the Winterman Map is now out so I was stoked to see that.  There was a screw up and they forgot to tax me so I have to send a few more dollars their way before the start of the event.  I do not own a credit card (dislike them) so I need to pick up a prepaid so I can shoot the difference I owe.

On an end note I am loving the yaktrax and gloves my Wife got me for Christmas.  Putting them on/off has become second nature.  I have hit sheer ice on a few occasions and nary a slip.  The gloves my Daughter gave me are so warm, their snow boarder gloves so they have a great grip, I have to take them off sometimes as my hands sweat.





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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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