Yaktrax,s Review

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that you go into 2013 happy and healthy :).

I had never planned on writing any reviews for products but, I am finding other people who do write reviews really help with my buying decision.  So here is my first real attempt at writing a review that I hope will help others, I even made a video (watch out Carpenter).

When I first asked my Wife for a pair of Yaktrax’s for Christmas, she was all “a who, what now?”.  So after showing the website for Yaktrax,s and explaining what they do she agreed they would be great for my winter runs.

The first thing I noticed was how well constructed the Yaktrax’s were!  Heavy duty rubber and the coils and spikes are laid in very securely.  They come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Wearing a size 10 my Wife was recommended the large size.  Getting them on my feet was a bit of fumbling and pulling hard over the toe, once this is done the next step is just a simple Velcro band over the top of the foot.  I gave my foot a good hard shake and there was no feel that they might slip off my foot.

Next I took them outside to snow and ice, when I tried sliding my foot on the ice and snow there was no budging what so ever.  Now if your like me and wear minimalistic shoes you will notice the weight difference right away, it was a small difference but I did notice it.  Starting my run off slow to get a feel for them (I would suggest this so there is no accidents) and too see how they felt I did have to make small adjustments to my running style.  After about 1km I started to feel more comfortable and opened up my speed a bit more, this is when I came to a small decline in the side walk. I kept my pace and took a chance, I also braced myself to correct a slide and I just stuck to the ice/snow and slush like glue.

During my run I would come to patches of bare road/side walk and was afraid the spikes may cause a slide, this did not happen I am happy to report.  I did notice one thing that may take a few runs to get used to, because I prefer a minimalistic shoe you will feel pressure from the locations where the spikes are on the Yaktrax’s.  I use the NB MT1010 with a thin rock plate for protection from slush that has frozen pointy.  I could still feel the spike nubs after awhile.  If your wearing a thicker shoe or Trail shoe with a thicker rock plate you may not notice the spots where the spikes are.  It is not painful really just annoying, I think over time your feet will get used to it and you will not even notice it.  I will report back in a month or so if this is not the case.

I have a section of my run I call “the wall”.  I hate the wall and it hates me back.  It is about a 7 degree incline as I go up, my Yaktrax’s tore this up and spit it out, no sliding what so ever (I still hate the wall).

I will say I am impressed and would definitely recommend these to anyone who lives in winter conditions (ice, snow and slush).  I never really hit a long solid piece of ice where I could test those conditions.  If I come across this condition I will take one for the team and keep a steady pace over it (just don’t tell my Wife) and if you don’t hear anything from me for a long period, I may have failed.

It was soooo shiny.  I had to do it!

It was soooo shiny. I had to do it!

The company also makes different styles of trax for all your walking needs.  You can see them here under products.

Final thoughts.

Pros: They fit snug, Slipping reduced vastly, easy to get used too, not cumbersome, under $50.

Cons: On thin soled shoes can feel where spikes are, can be a bit hard to slide on (practice will probably make this easier, so a temporary con).


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