Blisters, The Bane Of My Existence.

"Now what did I do?"

“Now what did I do?”

I do not just get blisters, I get blood blister.  To be honest they both hurt the same.  They always form on the ball of my foot below my big toe and too the side a bit.  I actually got one between two toes once but, that was because I was wearing thick socks, now I wear socks designed for running (thermal socks).

What I find odd is that after they heal I will have a new one down the road, could be a week or a month but, those little bastards show up.  I made sure my shoes fit correctly and are tied tight so there is no chance of looseness.  Paying attention to my stride has become second nature to me so I am confident I am landing correctly.

I have been doing lots of reading on prevention and faster healing.  Some ideals I read are just to icky for me.

1/ lather your feet in Vaseline and wear socks to bed,  gah I hate slime between my toes.

2/ Wear socks inside out to prevent rubbing, the issue is not near a seam on my sock.

3/ Use tough skin on the area that gets the blisters, don’t gymnasts use this to hold there costume on to there behind so there is no riding up of there costume  (or maybe I seen that in a movie).

4/ Run your next marathon in your birthday suit (ok I made that one up).

5/ This is my favourite, just keep at it.  Your feet will toughen up over time.  I tend to be a suck it up kinda guy, being raised in the 70’s and 80’s this is how things were explained to you “suck it up son”.

The next step is, do you pop or not pop?  I personally pop them.  Wipe a needle with alcohol and also rub over the spot your going to puncture.  Then pop and push out the liquid and band aid nice and tight to keep crap out of the pin hole.  This has never failed me and I have never had an infection.

The reason I pop is because I find it hurts more to walk on an unpopped blister.

Also Duct Tape HMO suggests using duct tape as an option to prevent blisters.  I am going to try this on my next run.  I used up my duct tape mending my chair not long ago. I know, I know.  I should be ashamed for not replacing asap. It worked great to get rid of a plantar wart!



How do you handle your blisters?


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One Response to Blisters, The Bane Of My Existence.

  1. MuddyJ says:

    I tend to not get blister from my running shoes…
    When I do get to occasional blister, I disinfect the area as you do, drain it, and bandage it. After a few days I sometimes cut the now-hardened skin away with surgical scissors. When I don’t cut it away (after it has healed, and there’s new tough skin underneath) I always end up getting it caught on something or tearing a deep cut in my skin…

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