Crazy month!

I know it has been a good month since I posted on Junkmile but, it has just been a crazy month.  Work has been insane so at night all I want to do is just chill and sleep.

My Daughter turned 11 a week ago and decided she wanted a home-made cake called a Tuxedo Cake.  It sounded simple enough, it was a layer cake so I needed two pans and 2 boxes of cake mix.  Now anyone who bakes probably just seen my first mistake, one box makes two cakes.  I ended up with two pans that rose about a foot off the pan.  Ok no worries will let it bake longer and cut off what I need, yea found out it does not work that way.  After 45 min in the oven all I had was a hard shell with cake mix soup in the centre.

So off to the store I ran to buy another cake mix and pudding mix for the cake and had to start over.

So my list of Cake, icing, decorating, wrapping last gift and finishing the cake was now down to 4 items.  As the cakes cooled I started the icing, it called for light cream cheese and 6 cups of icing sugar!  “Oh snap” I only had 4 cups.  Google is my friend and found out that 1 cup of refined sugar and 1 tsp of corn starch in a blender makes icing sugar (worked like a charm).  Ok so now cake, icing, decorating, wrapping last gift and making the cake are completed at 3:45pm.  Perfect seeing as Pup will be home from school in 15 min.

It is now evening, were eating supper (she chose Lone Star) watching an episode of Angel (she digs the older TV shows).  Then she hit the gifts, She loves her new laptop :). Now after eating that cake that is ALL sugar I decided I needed a run to shake off some of those calories.    I got dresses and setup my phone for my running app, set the HRM and Nike + watch and took off.

I was in a zone, my record for 5K is 27:09.  When I got to the 4K  mark I checked my pace and knew I was going to easily beat my 27:09.  I am sitting on the ground?  All I remember was landing my foot in a hole and taking a tumble.  It was very dark on this patch of side walk. I got up and dusted myself off and did a body check, shoulder a bit sore but no blood or breaks (or so I thought).   I finished my 5K in 31 minutes and change.

As I was putting my gear away my Daughter came to ask how my run was and she was stopped by this scene.

First rule of fight club, pavement always hits harder.

It seems I did get a cut but, must have been in an endorphins state and did not feel it.  No stitches, I used baby power to stop the bleeding and taped it closed over night.  My Wife made me strip to make sure no other injuries, only other’s was my shoulder got shredded a bit and my ankle was swollen pretty good.

I love the smell of road rash in the morning!

I have been banned from night runs by my Wife and Daughter till I get some type of light system.  Will look into the headlamps I seen at a few places at the mall.

I have not lifted or ran seeing as my ankle was swollen, my shoulder was very tender when trying any upper body.  I feel top notch today so will start my weights again tomorrow and my running again Tue.

Whew so how was your November?


About junkmile

It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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5 Responses to Crazy month!

  1. MuddyJ says:

    ….you know dude, we aren’t supposed to talk about Fight Club…
    Glad to see you made it out with only minor scrapes and such…get better..and if you get a headlamp, be certain to try and get the lightest one you can find!

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  4. junkmile says:

    My Wife got me the Black Diamond head lamp for Christmas.

    Feels good on my head and is very light.

  5. vicki says:

    i miss the lonestar restaurant! love it! and kudos for baking a tuxedo cake! looks like you hit that pavement pretty hard, hope the head lamp averts all future disasters – to- be! happy trails!

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