Before and After.

As I wrote or rather bitched about a few posts back I could not lift or run for 2 weeks.  I even managed to level my Pandaran Mage a few levels while sitting.  As I got depressed my eating habits went all over the place and I also gained 5 lbs. So I decided to grab a pen and paper and go over what I did and how I could have prevented the injuries.

The injury itself was me being a dolt and not wearing my hernia belt, then it was a just a chain reaction after that.  The other side of this is in just 2 weeks 5 months of work got pushed back and I have to spend  a couple of weeks getting my body back into form.

So this is what I was able to figure out and as embarrassing as it is I am going to put it out in the open as a reminder to “slow down and take my time”.

  • Warming up, I have been neglecting this for months.
  • Stretching after my workout, I have been neglecting this for months also.
  • getting sufficient rest at night.
  • Walking, I usually fit at least 20 to 30 minutes of walking in every day on top of my usual workouts.
  • Weights, I kept raising the amount of weight thinking I could lift it.

I decided to tear my routine down, research on my downtime and build it back up from the ground up. Also looked into the fact or fiction of exercising.  I tried to create a full body work out I can do 3 days a week and I think I did a pretty good job, input is always accepted!

  1. 10 minute warm up  I do all static stretches here to wake not relax the muscles. I found the Box Fit workout on my Wii biggest Loser is great for getting the heart rate up.
  2. Revamped my work out so it is more full body and less just working out certain parts of my body each day.
  3. Stretching for 10 minutes after my workout.
  4. The exercises listed below are what I have switched to.
  • Reverse Pull ups.
  • Push ups.
  • Squats.
  • Dips.
  • Dumbbell Dead Lifts.
  • Curls (I throw in curls as I also find it helps with my push ups and pull ups).
  • Sitting Overhead Lifts.
  • Bench Press.
  • One Handed Rows.
  • Planks (60 seconds 3 sets).

I wear my Hernia belt on EVERY workout now, I also wear my HRM I picked up to help track my fat loss as well as calorie loss.

For running I could have went back a few weeks on my Couch 2 5K plan but decided to continue the 25 minute runs.  Yesterday I did have to come to a walk at the 22 minutes mark but, I basically counted to 10 then started running at a slower pace and was able to finish from there.  In my research I also came across this great site showing how to do exercises properly and safely Muscle and Strength.  What I love about this site are the video’s showing the exercises.  One thing I noticed after doing proper form (lift and lowering slow and breathing properly) I feel pain but, it is not sharp pains like before.  This is the kind of pain I feel after moving furniture all day, sort of like a dull roar.

Along with my Diet Pepsi purge which I still do not drink I am now the process of purging chips, cookies, cakes, pastries and chocolate.  I am not saying I will never have treats again but, I would rather save these for things like Birthdays and holidays where I can savour these tastes with those I love.  I do try to make my deserts myself as I can replace sugar with honey and buy pastry/bread flour that is organic and does not have refined sugar, sucrose or those other hidden sugars!

So I came to a fork in the road, chose a wrong path, instead of just cutting my way across to the good path I backtracked and will start at the beginning again.

Remember tomorrow is Movember would love and be very thankful of your support.  Think about it, Old Junk Mile walking around sporting a handlebar moustache and you could look at the pictures and say “I am part of that” 🙂


And Happy Halloween.



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