Alive and sore.

I realized today after getting a comment from Muddy about an app, I need to stop pouting and figure something out and post more.

About a week ago I had a herp derp moment and forgot to wear my Hernia belt.  During a dead lift I felt a tearing sensation about half way up, of course this made me stand up very quick…while still holding the weight.  So my hernia was sticking out like a grape fruit and my back just did a 180 with 40 pounds.

So no running or weights just seat bound for at least another week.  It has been a very depressing time, I don’t do sitting still well as I tend to want to snack.  Thankfully my wife keeps lots of veggies and hummus available to snack on.

I have been very happy with my choice of foods.  No pop, chips, cookies and cakes.  Cake I will eat on special occasions, I have a birthday coming up and telling your 10  year old no cake would be a travesty for her :).  My Wife says she will pick up something small so I can have a small piece, between the 3 of us it will not last long in the house and kills temptations.  Today I did a small 20 minute walk to get to work and will do again tonight to start the healing process of getting out and running.

I picked up a Gaiam Se331 Heart Rate Monitor Watch W/Strap for $30.  It is for a women but, meh if it can do the job of calculating my Heart Rate while running then who cares.  I plan on buying the polar for my Nike +, think my Wife is waiting also as she has been eyeing the watch hehe.

Now I need to down load an app suggested by called Zombies, Run.  The apocalypse is coming my friends, prepare while you can!!

The ONE time fast food is healthy.


About junkmile

It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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