I feel good!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last night after taking A few days off to heal my blood blister and ran what I had named “the dreaded 20 minutes”.  I realized I gave these minutes more worry then I should have. Last night taking all the advice I have been given from other people I know who run and MuddyJ.com who has allowed me to pick his brain on breathing/Pace/Gate, this made my run a whole lot easier.  I kept waiting for the stitching pain in my sides or for my blister to start yelling “STOP” or something hell, I was even keeping an eye out for falling satellites in the sky.  None of these things happened, well except for the skunk I almost ran over.  Now my story is not as great as MuddyJ’s No Shoes=No Problem….. story, more of a “thank god I zigged instead of zagged” story.  Ever since I was advised to run with a fore foot strike and not the dreaded heal strike and controlling my pace, breathing and not to sound like a man running in fear I have become very ninja like!

If it was dark out and I had on my ninja pants….I would be so ninja invisible right now.

So here I am feeling great, back straight and arms going like a train piston, I see a big crack in the side walk and sidestep it, that is when I seen the skunk with his rump in the air ready to fire.  I am quite confident if I did not see that crack and zigged, my zag would have  me bathing in tomato juice and Mrs Junk making me sleep outside.  I think I will bring my headlamp next I run at night to advertise me from a bit further back.

So my run felt good, although I am confused because on week 6 day 1 They have me doing 5 min then rest, 8 min then rest and a final 5 min then rest?  I guess they have there reason for it, maybe they don’t want your body stressing out to much to fast.  I am looking forward to tomorrows run though 😀



About junkmile

It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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3 Responses to I feel good!

  1. MuddyJ says:

    Dude! This post made me so proud of you! That’s how it is SUPPOSED TO FEEL! ….good…. glad I managed to help you out! Stay Muddy My Friend!

  2. MuddyJ says:

    I had a brain fart when I read this…. I am so glad ( as you no doubt are) that you managed to avoid that critters rump…smacking a deer on the rump = good idea… smacking a skunk on the rump= not so much a good idea!

  3. junkmile says:

    Thank you very, very much Muddy! I really do appreciate all the help you have given. Yes avoiding the skunks rump was a blessing 🙂

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