Walking In Your Shoes.

Monday after getting home from the dentist with my Daughter we were very hungry. So while having a light snack to hold us over till supper I started to flip through channels, hearing Anderson Cooper say “next we have a trainer who purposely put on 90 Lbs”, Well that got my attention!

Paul PJ James who is a fitness trainer and model decided that to really understand his over weight clients, he needed to walk in there shoes. You can read the full article below.

There and back again

What really grabbed my attention was how he was explaining the difficulty it was to get motivated to work out again.  This fascinated me seeing as when I joined the gym I had to motivate myself from beginning to end. Running for more then 30 seconds was killer and escalators and elevators were my friend (now I avoid both or if there is only escalators run up them as fast as I can).

I really admire PJ for taking this extra step to get a better understanding of what it is like to walk in shoes that I myself used to wear.  If I had a friend who wanted to try this I would be the first to yell “NO” as knowing the health risks of being over weight myself and the motivation to get off the couch was very hard.  Changing my eating habits was also very hard.  I actually felt sick my first few weeks of eating healthy, my Dr stated this is not unusual, as your body is fighting back an addiction.  In fact the eating life style change was more of a roller coaster ride then when I quit smoking.

And yes my Daughter and I were cavity free!! 😀





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