Week of R and R.

I basically dropped under the radar for a week to spend time with my Daughter before she goes back to School next week.  A large portion of it was watching her use the chin up bar, she so badly wants to get at least one before she go’s back to School.   It’s nice to see her new obsession is a form of exercise and not that young lady on YouTube who keeps giving bedroom design tip$.

I had to make a few changes to my challenges line up.  The no refined sugar is still on, well at least till tomorrow morning.  I am not going to lie; just the thought of biting into a big ole piece of something sugary will be nice.  I have to admit though; this challenge really opened my eyes to how many items we use as a sweetener to replace refined sugar items.  I have been using honey to replace my splenda and taste really good, Soy Milk has replaced my skim milk.  The taste was a bit chalky at first but, you get used to it quickly.  And there are so many fruits and berries that are like biting into a sugar cube there so sweet.

Running has been hit or miss lately, my hernia will let me run some days and others it will not.  On the upside I go to see the general surgeon in 2 weeks, it will be nice to know where I stand and how much trouble I get into for refusing to sit on my but for a few months waiting.   I managed to get myself to 3 1/2 chin ups at the moment.  I also asked my Wife for an early Birthday present, now I have a flat bench, makes my presses and rows much easier to do.  My Mother and Father in law usually send cash, I see a bar bell in my near future.

165 Lbs is going to be my end weight, was going for 162 Lbs but, my Doctor and Wife both feel I will look awful.  My new goal is to keep my weight and get to 10% body fat, at about 14.56% right now.  Building muscle will help with this.

Lastly I decided to delay the squats, dips; push ups and sit ups for a later date.  It was going very well but on top of my regular work out I was at 2 hours 3 days a week.  This was impacting my other work outs.  Took on to much at once, so I am going to do this instead, starting in September I will do the Push ups challenge and every 6 weeks as one ends I will start another.    I want to end it with an E book a friend sent on doing 100 chin ups in 6 weeks!

I think all the challenges are also what were aggravating my hernia.  Since I put those aside I actually got a run in yesterday and hopefully will get one in tomorrow, loving the couch to 5K app makes following there program so much easier!


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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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