I think I am in Turkey

If you have ever seen the movie Midnight Express, you may know the scene, where one gets his comeuppance with a shank to there backside in a Turkish prison.

I felt like this all weekend as I did not take a proper rest day. The weekend was basically a series of sharp pains in my rear end every time I walked.  My Wife and I never get to go to the gym together very often. I am not even sure why the excitement? We both dislike talking while working out as we go into our own little zones.  Our gym relationship when together is a primitive sign language. We have one for “going to stretch” and the “grabbing a shower” probably gets a few looks.  Other then that I have no idea what she even does at the gym once were there.

Running outside has been a no go, with all the lightning this weekend.  I decided to try HIIT running on the treadmill to avoid the hamster in a wheel effect.  It is amazing but I burnt more calories in 15 min then I have running for 30 min!  From what I read you continue to burn fat afterwards as your body still burns to recover.  My left shin has been slightly throbbing, of course doing 5X19 to 30 squats 3 times a week probably has something to do with it also. At least it is not shin splints, had that before and not fun.

I cannot wait till Pup gets back from her Grand Parents on Wed night and I see her Thur.  She is going to love the chin up bar, I will probably build strength with boosting her up 5 times a day! I am predicting at least 3 chin ups but, hopefully can make the 4 at the end of August.  Getting the 8 for the challenge I feel will not happen.  But 4 would be better then the zero I was doing  3 weeks ago.

Sorry if today I seem to be all over the place, but I have not seen Pup since last Wed and will not see my Wife till Sat morning. Working 3-11 shifts are not great.  Vacation is just around the corner again, have that to look forward to.





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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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