The new red.

About 10 years ago when I realized I was getting over weight, boobs also came into the picture.  I have always been a secure man, but when you realize as a man you have boobs it shakes you.  Sadly it made me feel less a man, shame, insecure and unattractive.

This affected me where when my Family and I went to the beach, it would be plus 30° Celsius and I would be sitting on the beach in a T-shirt, short sleeve button up shirt under an umbrella sweating buckets.  It also did not help that my Daughter would keep asking me to come in the water and I would flat out refuse.

These last two days I have been off work, my Wife is on vacation and of course summer vacation for my Daughter.  We decided to go for a BBQ and swimming at the beach, even had to buy new swim trucks as I had none.  Had veggie dogs for lunch with fruit and veggies then hit the beach.  For the first time in 10 years I removed my shirt and swam with my kid for hours.  We did flips and somersaults tried different types of strokes, pretended we were in the Olympics, was a great time!

Now what do you do after a long swim, you fall in exhaustion to the beach blanket and just relax.  Now I am chalk white or was and the sun loved it, and forgot to apply sun lotion. When I got home and removed my shirt my Wife was “Oh know“ and pointed out my very red chest and stomach.  Touching it I actually whelped, thankfully we have solarcaine in the house. I think the worst part was I went to the gym for a run and when I showered I forgot to keep it cool and yea it burned!

I think I may have dehydrated myself a bit, between my cardio and run last night and weights today, I became very tired and dizzy. I have read that a sun burn can actually cause you to dehydrate very quickly from your body overheating.  So I took it easy for the rest of the day and feel much better tonight. My challenges are going great except I am not getting as much running in as I would like.  My hernia has been acting up and even with the belt it has been popping out to say hi.

Tomorrow I am back to work, so will give myself a day of rest to be ready for day 3 of my push ups, sit ups, dips and squat’s.  Chin ups are my hardest challenge out of them all, finding the reverse chin ups and hand stands I have been practicing with my Daughter are helping my upper body strength.  I will give 110% to these challenges, the way I see it if I do not complete them on time giving up was one challenge I did not fail to complete 🙂




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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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