I Challenge

I have been noticing something lately; there is one word that can describe what I am feeling.  The word I am thinking of is “Momentum”; it seems to be my one word mantra every morning when I wake up until I go to bed.

Sitting still just bores me, unless I am doing something with my Family like watching a movie or playing a game.  So I have started doing challenges, some are with other Blog sites and some are on my own.  I find they keep me active mentally and physically. At the moment I am involved in 7 challenges, my Wife thinks I should finish these before taking on more (kill joy 😉 ).

The challenges I am involved in are as follows’:
L Jay’s 30 day no refined sugar
Muddy J’s Double-Header Fitness Challenge

There all within a 4 too 6 weeks duration and I can do most of them either in the house or at the park.  I still need too pick up a Pull up bar but, I cannot screw into the frame as the house is not mine and the hanging in door frame one’s make me nervous in the old house we rent!

What I love the most about challenges, personal or in a group is knowing after each day of pouring sweat I know I did it!

Going to do it Top Gun style.


About junkmile

It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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4 Responses to I Challenge

  1. MuddyJ says:

    I have been using the “hanging in the door-frame” style pull-up bar for a few months now…I had to put towels on either side where it touches the door frame, to prevent damage to the door frame molding. It was cheap, easy to assemble, and has stood up to many pull-ups from me, as well as jumping and swinging on it through the doorway!

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  3. Stronglikemycoffee says:

    I think you would appreciate the Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit book written by a trainer who gained 70 pounds to lose it all in under a year. A challenge just because but it is pretty impressive!

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