Come on baby let’s do the twist!

♫ Come on baby let’s do the twist
Come on baby let’s do the twist
Take me by my little hand and go like this
Ee-oh twist baby baby twist
Oooh-yeah just like this
Come on little miss and do the twist ♪

This weekend our beach and BBQ was put to a stop by Mother Nature.  Seeing as we are at a level 2 drought warning I am ok with it as she does need to pick priorities and send rain :).  I even bought a new picnic blanket that comes with a strap, next week we will break it in.  We ended up BBQ lunch under our awning.

It’s raining and seeing as we did not want to just sit and watch TV or a movie we decided to break out the game twister.  There is nothing like tying up in knots with your loved ones and screaming “SPIN FASTER” as you know any second you’re going to lose your footing.  This is also a good way to loosen up your body and helps burn calories.  What I love best about Twister is the bonding you can do as a Family and also the trust.  You’re on all fours spread out like a picnic blanket. Right above your head is your Wife in a position where your head could easily become a seat and she holds on, every muscle quaking say “Oh god I don’t want to fall on your head” and I trust her not to 😉

After twister we also played Disney channel’s Scene It, where of course our Daughter has a bit of the upper hand.  Its neat when games can be interactive, brings a new level to the game.

The refined sugar challenge is still in full swing. It is day 5 and still no refined sugars.  I found out adding a drop of honey to the organic peanut butter takes away the bitterness.   Also the salads in a jar, wow!  I had one today and it tasted like I just made it.  When I opened the lid all you could smell was the dressing and a whoosh of fresh veggies.  Cannot wait to try my other one I made with tuna in it tomorrow.


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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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