Day One, No Refined Sugar.

Gimme some sugar…

So today is the first day of LJay’s challenge of no refined sugar, as of this moment I am fine.  Mind you I usually don’t start off with lots of refined sugar in the morning.  I have my bowl of Vector and Large Coffee with Milk and splenda at Tim Horton’s.  This morning I got up early excited to start this, hit the kitchen and reached for my Vector.  A voice in my head yelled out “HANG ON SON! Tut tut tut” this would be a no no of course.

After rooting through the fridge I pulled out an egg and some berries, my Wife always has plain yogurt in the fridge and checking the ingredients no sugar or the ones that end in -ose.   Started the water for my green tea, put my egg in the microwave in our get cracking poacher, put a couple of table spoons of yogurt on my berries and grabbed 1/2 of whole wheat pita bread because my bread had sugar according to the ingredients.

As I was doing all this it clicked in I have always added splenda to my tea as I find it bitter without it, lucky for me LJay answered quickly on my honey in tea is ok 🙂

Now I am sitting here looking at my food log, it is down 200 calories already?  This even includes my banana I always have just before I start work as I setup my station for the day!  Egg about 77 cal, 1/2 pita about 85 cal, berries and yogurt about another 70 to 80 cal and tea with a drop of honey, roughly 15 cal.

I will have to monitor this a little closer so that I do not end the day to low in calories, I do have weights tonight but supper is either chicken or tofu stir fry so lots of protein.






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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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