Vacation Blues

Here I sit at 10:45am, 45 minutes into my shift with the vacation blues!  I have to say it was nice the first two days, mostly puttered around the house with my Daughter and hit the parks.  Honestly I have not run or hit the gym in the last week, but I did eat healthy and did not gain any weight.

Wednesday we had enough of the parks and puttering so decided to go kayaking at Dow’sLake.  What I love about Dow’s Lake is if you paddle for about 20 min you hit the first locks that allow boats get to theOttawaCanal.   There was this cute (yes dudes can say cute) little dock made of railway ties so we tied up the kayak and sat watching boats enter the locks while we ate our little lunch we brought with us.  I took a few pictures but still need to upload them, will do one day this week.

Thursday my Daughter wanted to plan a supper on her own for her Mother and I, colour me impressed she created a great menu and was healthy (other then desert 😉 ).  We took tin foil and made small 3 inch balls and laid tortilla wraps over them and put in the oven, this created small bowls that we added chicken mixed with salsa and had taco bowls.  The entrées were cucumbers with fat free cream cheese and shredded carrots, very attractive and tasty.   Desert was pretty neat, we mixed pudding, light whip cream with shredded semi sweet chocolate and mini marshmallows mix it all together and freeze for 4 hours.  It actually worked out to about 100 calories per small scoop.

The last few days of vacation my Dad, Sister and Nephew came into town to visit us for a few days.  Lots of BBQ’s and my new favorite pilsner Steam Whistle, it is a local brew made out ofToronto, even my Dad became a fan.   I have always loved cramming lots of people into a small apartment, it makes everything all cozy and warm, well cool as we were at 39 Celsius with humidity and my poor air conditioner was working over time to keep 6 people cool. Only downside is my Father and Sister still smoke (but not in MY house).  I spent quite a bit of time up wind from them, after 10 years of being smoke free I like my lungs to stay the way they are now.

I did get talked into going to the store to pick up some smokes for them, the pictures on them should be enough to make anyone quite and at $15.39 for two packs my Daughter stated “we could go out for breakfast for that kind of money”. As usual all good things must come to an end, Dad and my Sister had to head home this morning and here I sit waiting for 6pm to come so I can go home.

This week the gym and running have to be a priority as my goal to be at 165 by August is coming very fast!


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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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