Last Nights Run

Last night I tried the forefoot strike and have to say “colour me impressed”.  You can really feel when your falling back into a heal strike, the muscles you use are completely different.  Chi running was advising to run leaning forward and pushing off with your calf muscle, this really does feel correct.

When I woke up this morning I felt some burn in my calf and main leg muscle, where as before I would feel the pain in my knee’s and front of my leg.  Burning is much better then pain as when it burns I know it is just my muscle repairing itself, where as pain just plain hurts.

Tonight is gym night so when I hit the treadmill will continue with the forefront strike so I can make it a subconscious habit.


About junkmile

It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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