Good to be Alive.

What a fantastic weekend here inOttawa!  It wasCanada’s 145th Birthday.  I am not a get into the crowds kind of guy, I dislike dodging people, dogs, strollers, bikes.  Suffice it to say 50% of our weekend was away from the crowds.  On Saturday morning we headed to Cora’s for breakfast, I just had the poached egg with a Hugh plate of fruit. I could have taken it easy on the coffee but I needed a boost.  After breakfast we decided to hit Old Navy as they had Flip Flop’s for $1, we bought 5 pairs.  At this point I was happy as it was not to busy at the mall.

My Wife wanted to check The Market and see what corn was like price wise, I picked a bracelet that this young lady was gushing she made herself (I had to she was so enthusiastic).  My Wife had this craving for steak and this does not happen very often so we picked up some charcoal for the BBQ and a small pastry to share that night while catching up on Mike and Molly.  When we got home I had to rest the hernia for a bit and then got to work setting up the BBQ and meat while my Wife and Daughter made a salad.

Sunday was more relaxing; we had breakfast at home and just chilled while slowly getting things done for our afternoon.  Walked the dog, made sure A/C was set for Dragon and then hit the bus to get to Dow’sLake.  I learned from Fathers day you can enjoy eating out and still eat healthy.  The marina (Dow’sLake) has a restaurant that over looks the docks for all the boats called Guadala Harry’s. I tried to stick to as healthy as possible, I ended up ordering the Veggie enchilada topped with veggie Chile, and it was fantastic.  Now you cannot expect me to remain 100% faithful onCanada’s Day so for desert I had the deep fried ice cream, man that was delicious! Up to this point other then all the walking we had been doing, there was not much exercise involved in the last couple days.  We rented a canoe and I took my Wife and Daughter out. Neither of them had ever been on one, my Wife was nervous, but back in my teens I used to teach kids to canoe at a camp I worked at one summer.  So she put her trust and jumped in, she could not believe how much for fun a canoe is over a paddle boat.  My Daughter wants to try a Tandem Kayak next week on our holidays.

We ended the day with another BBQ, this time I made someTurkeyburger’s with some peppers, onions, Bulls Eye Sauce and some fresh cut Jalapeños in my patties.  Fresh cut veggies in place of a salad.

What I loved best was when I jumped on the scale this morning I did not lose any weight, but I   did not gain any weight either. I did go for a run Monday night but for some reason I was stitching badly in my ribs and also got bad heart burn?  All I can figure was the small bowl of sherbet I had about 30 min before my run.

Now I sit here at work helping my customer’s, knowing that in 3 more shifts I get a weeks vacation with my little one.




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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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