The Essentials

When I work afternoons I usually will take my Daughter to the bus then head to the gym from there.  Being the procrastinator I am will pack my bag on the fly.  At least once a week I forget an item that just ruins my work out.

Today was different; I did not have to leave till 12:30 (summer vacation) so after spending the morning with my pride and joy I casually packed my gym bag.  I realized that all my essentials were in my bag today.

Gym bag √

Shorts √

Shirt and Compression Shirt √

Socks √

Hernia Belt √

Compression Shorts √

Shower Gear (Body wash, flip flops, towel, and boxers) √

Small Towel (carry around) √

Water Bottle √

Shaker and Protein √

Gym Boss √

Watch and Pod √

Gym Runners √

If one of these items is missing it is like finding out there is just an old man behind the curtain.  A lesson was hopefully learned from this; pack your bag the night before when you can check and double check.

What’s funny as I read this is how many times I hear people moaning about how they forgot something.  I chuckle and think “wow it is just a <insert object hear>”.  I now realize I am one of those people.

Now if I forget my Flip Flops, forgetta bout it!  I will cancel a work out or just go home and grab them then come back. I had a plantar wart that took me 3 years to get rid of, now I am Mr. Paranoid going bare foot.

What is your necessity when you go to the gym?




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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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