What a Weekend!

Saturday I hit the gym hard, in preparation for a day of Ribs and pulled pork!  It’s a fine day when people from age 5 to 75 all stand around covered in BBQ sauce and think “hey this is great”.  As soon as I walked in the door (returning from the gym)  we walked out 30 min later and the protein shake I drank was already used as fuel, so my Wife suggested stopping at this place called Booster Juice.  I decided to try a Protein shake called Ripped Berries, wow talk about a meal in a cup.

Booster Juice is a nice concept; you can get small smoothies and have them also blend in a Booster.  There are boosts for energy, protein, mind and a few others I forget.  I asked the gentlemen behind the counter if he had a nutrition guide and happily hand me a Hugh binder with all the facts about each drink.

After our errands in the mall were done we headed downtown, stopped to pick up the little one something to eat as she dislikes ribs and pulled pork. After walking up and checking out the booths we decided on Texas Rangers as our choice to eat at.  My Wife did the line waiting as my Daughter and I scoped around for a place to sit, Spark Street where the event is held every year gets full very quick.  The line moved quickly and the food was delicious!   The sauce was not too spicy, but spicy enough to give it a small kick.

After that we decided to walk around downtown and of course ended up shopping, it seems if the Wife and I get near a shoe store we get all blurry eyed and have to take a peek.  It’s bad when you have to shoe a holics in the same family.  I ended up buying nothing (shoes) as I was looking for something in particular.  My Daughter and I did end up buying a pair of shorts and a shirt.  The only problem to losing weight is every few months you out grow your clothes and half to pick up a few things.

Today (Sunday) we decided to go to the Park and eat lunch, it was nice just lying on a blanket. After we ate, we watched our Daughter and dog run around chasing squirrels.  What makes this funny is that our dog is a long haired Chihuahua named Dragon.  The problem lies in the fact he is about the size of a large squirrel himself and I give $5 on the squirrels seeing as he is afraid of pretty much everything!

All your squirrels are belong to me.

The picnic was going great until it started to poor buckets on us.  Weather channel dropped the ball on that one, we were told no rain till this evening.  It is now 11:04pm and is pouring outside as I am sitting here typing this.




After a day of ribs, pork sammiches and pop the day before we decided a nice salad with broiled salmon would help end this day.

I also am ending it with running my first 5K tonight; I finished with a time of 33:51.  This was my first time completing it.  It was 1 minute running and 1:30 min walking, I actually felt pretty good and will reverse this for my next run. It started to rain during my run and I loved it, I think running in the rain may be my favorite.

Back to work tomorrow and then we celebrate Canada’s Day next weekend, we have a tradition every year.  Eat on the deck at Mexicali Rosa’s which is right over Dows Lake and then we rent a canoe or paddle boat for an hour.  We end the night with the fireworks down town.

                                                                       The End.


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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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