Hernia Truss

It is much harder to find a hernia truss then I anticipated! Every business in my area that I have found searching online, all want me to order it from there warehouse.  Credit cards and I do not get along.  Looks like I will have to pick up a prepaid card and order the damn thing.

Mean time I was able to make one using a tensor bandage and a baker’s scraper cut to shape, I bought think way back when I used to bank.  I am glad I hung onto it. After work I am going to stop at the gym for some light weights and test out my jerry rigged truss on the treadmill.  If that goes well I am going to try a run tomorrow morning while my Wife is at the gym, see if my kid wants to bike or scooter beside me.

For Fathers Day the family bought me the Nike+ watch, yea I got it early being the suck I am.  I have tried on a few short walk/runs, would love to take on a 5k just to see how well it reports the data.

DC Rainmaker gave the watch a pretty decent review and breakdown, as always.  I read a good 30 reviews on watches with GPS.  I wanted simple use and easy to read for my old eyes.  Most of the cons for not buying the watch really did not apply to me, other then the glass faceplate that I may need to figure a way to protect.  I think for my Birthday I may need to ask for the heart rate monitor ;).


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It was a stormy night and I just came in from thwarting another Zombie attack, they just don’t give up, oh right wrong story.
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