The P to the F.

After my hernia surgery I was excited to get back to running, a little to excited.  I was able to get back to 5km runs within two weeks with tired and weak legs.  Deciding to jump from 5km to 8km a couple days later was silly of me and cost me 6 months of recovery.

What I found hard was knowing when to run, my foot would feel OK and the swelling would not be there after a walk. I would go for a run and within the first km I had to stop as my heel would swell like a balloon.  Then it would take days to get the swelling down and walking would be brutal.  I am writing this hoping to throw some incite into prevention and things that helped me with the recovery.

PF is a is tissue that runs from the base of your foot to your heel. It looks like a string of rubber bands but is actually made of collagen and does not really have much give in the stretch dept.  It is when you get tiny tears in you PF that you feel the pain and get swelling.


Prevention and treatment:

PF can be caused by a few things, increase in your mileage to quickly, this is why it is important to take on new distances slowly, try not to exceed 10% increase.  If running marathons were easy we would all be doing it.   I have read allot of articles about wearing the wrong shoes can cause PF and wearing the correct shoes can prevent PF.  I know one barefoot runner who may balk at this suggestion.  I think inappropriate shoes could cause your PF to rip/tear.  I have a few pairs of shoes that are for looks, running in these would be a bad idea as they offer no room for your foot to bend naturally while running.  I personally prefer a shoe with a 4mm drop, it is low enough to land on the front of my foot and my heel still lightly kisses the pavement without any elevation.

Not stretching your calves and feet after a run also can be harmful and instigate your PF.  I find after a run if I stand on the edge of my step and drop down to where I feel a stretch but does not hurt for about 30 seconds, I tend not to feel much fatigue in my calves later in the day.   Doing simple calf raises while still on the step can help strengthen your feet and calves for further prevention.  I usually will pump off twenty or thirty after my run while my calves are still warm.

These stretches helped during my recovery and I still use for prevention.

PF Stretches

Other things you can do after a run if you feel any soreness between the front of your foot and where your heel begins is to roll your foot over a golf ball to help massage and alleviate pain.  At the first signs of swelling you can roll your foot over a water bottle that has been filled with water and frozen, this feels great. Ibuprofen can also be taken to help get the swelling down, I tended to only take when I had a hard time sleeping due to inflammation of my foot.

Once I was able to run again but still had slight swelling I would wear KT Tape  .  I still keep a couple rolls on my desk just in case. KT Tape also makes a great blister cover/prevention with new shoes!!

During my research I also came across suggestion like Laser treatment and cortisone injections.  There is also experimental injections such as autologous blood injections. I think I will leave these options to professional athletes.

Last Thoughts:

Preventive measures will be wiser in the long end. Remember not to add miles to quickly, I realize lots of us get into running with dreams of doing marathons or maybe you would prefer something more physical like a Touch Mudder or Spartan with aspirations of running Leadville or the Bartley 100.  If we do not take care of our feet the only action is what we will see online or on TV.  The 6 months I lost trying to get back to 13km runs before surgey, there still out there waiting for a smarter and wiser Junk Mile.  I will not disappoint this time.




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Favorite Running Gadget.

It used to be you wear something comfortable, shoes, hat and weather appropriate clothing.  You would run till you were tired, reached a landmark or goal.  They were more simple times back then.  Now a days we have special shoes, streamed line clothing, watches that measure distance, calories, pace.  These watches tell you when to drink/eat, show elevation.  I could go on all day what our watches alone can do.

Over time I found through trial and error what I liked and disliked.  Why I like one gadget and dislike others. I really only run with two gadgets now and one is also for safety/enjoyment.

The first is my Nike+  sports watch.  The watch looks neat in my opinion, is simple to use and setup.

nike plus watchWhen I was looking for a running watch I wanted something under $200, had a large screen and interface and would not require a huge learning curve.  I decided to look for reviews of watches in my price range, then read a review by one of my favourite gadget reviewers DC Rainmaker .  I find his reviews very in depth and he does not tend to be bias towards one product or the other.

I love my Nike+ sports watch. Mind you it is not perfect as I find the GPS slow to load some days and the tap light sometimes needs a smack instead.  After my run I just plug into my usb cord that was provided  and it loads my data to my personal page where I can track the basics.  Time, Distance, Calories is all there.  There is also a Nike community where you can add other runners to share your feelings on the run plus your run statistics.

My other gadget is just my smartphone, it is not an expensive one but, I am able to load my apps like Edmodo and Runtastic if I want more information like weather heart rate ect, it is there.  I do need to get the heart rate monitor for my Nike+ one day.


I would love to hear what is your favourite running gadget?


Junk Mile run



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Feet! and goals.

Foot [foot] Show IPA
noun, plural feet for 1–4, 8–11, 16, 19, 21; foots for 20.
(in vertebrates) the terminal part of the leg, below the ankle joint, on which the body stands and moves.

This may sound odd but, sitting here with my feet throbbing from my first 5K in over 3 months feels good.  That throbbing with out the swelling pain of plantar fasciitis means resting as long as I did was the right thing to do.  The pain is just my feet who have been in dainty mode for over 90 days screaming for more.


I have set some goals for me this time, doing more then I was ready for is a mistake that has cost me a couple things, weight and stamina.  My plan is to take running slow to start, nine week plan to run comfortably and stay at a 5km distance.  After 9 weeks I will continue running 5km till I can get back to a 25 minute 5km. This will mean running intervals and hitting the hills more often, lucky for me I have a hill on my run that is a good   25° incline and is about 1km long.  One run a week I will go up and down this section a few times to get my stamina and legs stronger.

Junk Mile.


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Running in high heels!

Two years ago my lovely Wife bought me YakTrax for Christmas.  I love how easy they slip on, how light they are and how great they stick to ice and you do not feel like you’re going to slide on cement!

Last night I decided to go for a night run. My Wife also bought me a headlamp so I do not have another pot hole mishap in the dark.

First rule of fight club, pavement always hits harder.

First rule of fight club, pavement always hits harder.

The back of my Yaktrax have coils to help with snow, this has always worked out great but, because of the snow/rain mixture last night it was a very heavy and sticky snow. This would build up snow in the metal coils and I would literately end up with high heels.  To combat this I had to do a Jig every couple hundred feet.

I still think running in falling snow or rain is always the best time to run.  It feels so fresh and clean.

Junk Mile.


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Why do we fall.

Took that first run today, it is time to pick myself back up again.

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It’s Time To Get Up.

My foot healed a few weeks ago, it’s time to get off my ass and get into gear!

Started with upper body weights last night, 5am run this morning. Off after dinner to hit the gym and do legs day!!

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Worried For Dad.

Losing my Mother and essentially my Father when I was eight. Being raised by relatives I always felt like I was on the outside looking in.  When most of my friends wanted to be Cow Boys, Wrestlers, Police Officers and so on.  I always lied and said I wanted to be a Fireman, this way I would not be made fun of for my real dream.  I just wanted a Family of my own, dreams come true :).

When we had our Daughter almost 12 years ago it was to darn easy to love her!  As time went on I discovered sacrifice, worry, love, happiness, Hope and pride + many more feelings, any parent knows where I am going.

Back in 2005/2006 when I ended up in the hospital with what I thought was a heart attack my Daughter for the first time felt real fear.  I of course did what any good parent should do “smarten the hell up and live for your children and spouse.  Where am I going with this?

I see my Wife only on my days off, she works days and I nights, this way we can save money on Day Care, mind you this decision was made when at 10 my Daughter decided daycare is for babies.  So I make sure she is up in the morning and gets ready for school, discuss books and stories from the day before.  Mother is home in the evenings, works perfectly.

I have been eating Paleo as anyone who reads knows, my Daughter see’s me eating lots of salad.  My Wife mentioned she has been very worried as Dad is only eating lettuce.  My Wife had to assure her that all these salads have chicken, fish, eggs, avocado and all the other healthy fats/protein/vitamins that are need daily.

Knowing that my Wife was paying attention that I was not doing some crazy diet and my Daughter noticed what I was eating and was worried enough to talk to my Wife made me feel warm all over.

I can appreciate all these bucket list conversation but, mine only had one dream in it and it was fulfilled and  keeps being fulfilled each night when I go to bed and each morning when I wake up.

Dreams come true!

Dreams come true!


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